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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  May 20, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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all right -- >> i hope your health holds up. show of respect for chris, we could send the show on time. >> maybe we should do a dating time. >> let's do it. if it's way too early, what time is it? >> it's "morning joe." >> "the daily rundown." thank you, chris. after decades of accepting the world as it is -- >> president obama lays down his vision for mideast peace and there's swift reaction. today, what's promising to be a somewhat tense meeting with netanyahu. plus -- >> you have to wonder, which page is he on today. it's the first attack ad of 2012. it's out and it's produced by
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former deputy press secretary bull burton and a group he started. he joins us in his first interview since leaving the white house. and forget fliers. these high-tech mailings may be a greatest tool in a campaign manager's arsonal. it's friday, may 20th, 2011. savannah will be back on monday and i'm skating to europe. also this morning, nato air strikes hit libya ports and is there a connection between the ewan bomber and that tragic tylenol poisoning of 1992. we're going start with israel. today's meeting between president obama and benjamin netanyahu. netanyahu objected sharply to the president's mideast proposal saying president obama's call to return to pre-1967 borders would leave israel indefensible. mike viqueira is live at the white house. vick, so, they're going to have
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a working lunch after they make their press statement. it was before netanyahu got on a plane that he immediately criticized what the president said. >> right. and as you reported, the prime minister called the president reverting or using as a basis for ongoing negotiations, prewar borders between jordan and israel. the prime minister calling it in defensible. other critics saying the president does not understand what is going on here in israel. they do -- he does not understand the geo political situation and even considering the fact that the president said two of the major sticking points here among the many in this confli conflict, the repatriation of conflicts by more than 60 years and final status of jerusalem.
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there is a history here as you know, in march 2010, prime minister netanyahu was here. president obama was reported although the white house disputed, kept netanyahu waiting in the west wing for some two hours. a lot of people said that was misunderstood, it's all water under the bridge. there is this ongoing disagreement about israeli settlements op the west bank that have fore stahled the negotiation. the speech was a self-defense of israel. another commitment to israel's security, complicating matters is the fatah hamas arrangement. had tough words for the syrian leader. the bid about 1967 is really carrying the day and leading the news. >> very quickly, the president has another stop today later this afternoon in virginia. >> he's going to the cia headquarters three weeks after the daring raid will osama bin
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laden was killed. he's going to speak to the rank and file there, thank them and try to build on the moral and success of that mission. >> thanks very much. we're going to talk more about israel with jeff goldberg this hour. several democratic fund raising groups are trying to beat republicans at their own game, embracing secret donors. bull burton served as president obama's deputy secretary. you're out with your first ad. let's take look. >> plan that would essentially end medicare is too radical. governor haley thinks this plan is courageous. with mitt romney, you have to
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wonder -- which page is he on today? priorities u.s.a. actions responsible for the content of this advertisement. >> mitt romney arrives in south carolina today. it's obviously a testament. what are you afraid of? >> we have a simple question. where is he on medicare? today, governor ambassador huts man was on george stephanopoulos's show. paul -- mitt romney has not be so clear and as we know from romney's record, he's usually both sides of a lot of different issues, so just have a simple question. where are you on paul ryan's budget. gingrich came out, made his point. haley said he was cutting at the kne kne knees. >> here's what the romney campaign said this morning about the ad. this is the spokesman --
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tieing this to your former boss. you used to work for him. you're trying to say you're a separate group and don't coordinate, are you worried you're going to do damage to the president's reputation? >> let's start with her answer to an ad about medicare. it's clear that the campaign doesn't want to talk about this issue and i imagine with huntsman being so clear on this, it's uncomfortable for romney. secondly, this is nothing to do with president obama or his campaign. we're not working for the campaign. this wasn't done in coordination with them. this was done by our group because we think it's an important issue. >> it's may 20th, 2011. still more than a year until the
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general election, but you've identified romney as the front-runner. is your goal to target all the republicans? >> we'll talk about more candidates beside romney, but what's more important, the issue of medicare. it's may 20th, but so rare in presidential elections is a defining moment. what we saw over the past few weeks, the plan to end medicare sa lit nas test. that is not where the american people are are. the american people do not want to end medicare. >> i want to talk about the fact you're starting one of these superpacks. russ feingold, campaign reformer on the democratic side. this is what he said. he said -- essentially arguing
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their going to do it better. >> i have a lot of respect for senator feingold. he's a great guy. been a leader on reform. we're democrats. happens all the time. our view is that republicans are going to have a lot of outside money that's being poured in by karl rove, the coke brothers. when you've got a guy like romney, he's going to have a lot of money in this race. he may have as much as president obama. there's also dollars funded by rove, the koch brothers. the stakes are too high. there's a republican president in place. impact on the american people could be disastrous. >> president obama is considering signing an executive
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order to make it so you have to fully disclose if you want to apply for a contract. do you object? >> the president's a reformer and he's going to be looking for ways to find reform where ek h. he's going to do what he's going to do and we're going to follow all applicable rules to do what we can to make sure tough questions are asked of these republican candidates, that we're advancing the progressive values that we have. that when we get through this election cycle, there can be the room for the kind of campaign finance reform. >> are you going go beyond the rules? >> no further than rove goes. we're in the in the position of trying to make things easier for the rove or the koch brothers. they've got enough money. >> part of the white house do you miss? >> just talking to my partner about that this morning. the people. had some great friends there. also miss the food.
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great stuff. what's the soup of the day? >> you tell me. >> i never know anymore. >> i have one -- one rumor that i have heard and that is you would refuse to refer to it has tomato soup by its real name. >> red roasted pepper and tomato soup. you didn't give us the extra seasoning. every once in a while -- >> my blue collar roots. >> bill burton, getting into this game of the superpack. up next, could the unibomber also be the tylenol killer? the fbi looks for ties. plus on wall street, is the dot com bubble back?
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we'll get a preview of the market. first, i look ahead at the president's schedule. what's so special about web browsing on the new blackberry playbook? ♪lash! ah ahh... that's right, it runs flash. so unlike some tablets we could mention, you get the best of the internet, not just part of it. ♪ flash! ah ahh... ♪
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for 30 year, one of the most infamous cold cases investigators have been unable to solve the tylenol cyanide poisoning. the fbi has asked ted kaczynski to give them a dna sample. pete williams is here for more.
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so, how much of a suspect is he or they just simply trying to rule him out? >> not a suspect. as long as he's there, it makes sense to look at him. he's a person from the chicago area. born and raised there. went to public schools there. the first of the bombings took place in and around chicago. as one official said to me yesterday, he's proved he's willing to kill people he doesn't know. i think it may be largely just to rule him out. but it shows that the fbi and the local police have reenergized their investigation into this case. this 1982 shocking crime in chicago that killed seven people, changed the way medicines are packaged. not the first person they've asked for for dna. it does show that case has not completely on the shelf. >> i notice in your reporting
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earlier, one of the things that seemed odd to investigators was the fact he had used the full name of cyanide in some of his writing. >> he referred -- the way we found out that the fbi had asked was from ted kai sin ski. he had some filings in court, they want by dna for this case, i'm willing to give it, but he says to a judge, i want you to stop the auction of some of my items. >> where does this money go? >> it goes to the victims of his bombings and the marshal service. a lot of the materials they've taken from his house, they have up for auction. his typewriter, the famous sweatshirt he wore, his colored glasses. lots of the things taken out of his cabin. what he said, don't auction that stuff off because my coded journals will show i didn't have anything to do with this.
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i've never possessed coded -- they were written in a strange little code and it was something the government did when preparing to prosecute him that it's basically, he after every one of his bombings, he wrote in his journals and preparing and watching the after effects. it was very clib clinical. >> any way. pete williams, i'm sure for a lot of people, first learning what happened. it's been so long. thank you, sir. the opening bell will ring on wall street in less than 15 minutes and that means a market preview from becky quick. linkedin and again, no disrespect to the folks at linkedin, but these are these annoying e-mails that i delete all the time.
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this field, bubblish, is it not? larry summers said it in china today. >> we had an analyst say this is crazy, if you look at the actual valuations. the company's expecting to report a loss next year, but that's the same thing people said with google and last time around with this whole internet bubble. if this is 1999, you could be concerned because that crash came in 2000. some say this is 1996 or 1998, where it could have more room to run. these are the e-mails that i delete, too. probably doesn't make me real popular, but there's something happening and it's got a lot of people excited. a big part of the debate taking place. you see a real push between the bulls and bears. at this point, people think, look, the economic numbers have been really, really lousy. it's terrible news.
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relatively slow growth over the next several years and that's the reason they say the bears say get out of stuff while bulls say, that's fine, but we're going to put your money in cash, bonds? you're not going to make anything there. looks like we're going to open by about, down by about 15 to 20 points, but this has been in this very tight trading range as they try and debate these two issues on the floor. i'm with you. i think you're right. there could be things overplayed when it comes to these social media stocks. the other thing we're watching today is oil prices. we're a week away from memorial day. oil prices have been coming back down. today, they're up, but slightly. oil below $99 a barrel. today, we had the prince on. he talked about what saudis want to from oil. he said, no, we want to see oil
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between 70 and $80 a barrel. otherwise, you all start talking about alternatives, so the saudis themselves say they don't want to see oil this high and prices are coming down at the pump. >> looking like a pusher to make sure we stay addicted. >> becky, thanks very much. coming up, wait until you see this technology. the next generation in political advertising. the flier of the future. could it revolutionize campaign messaging and it may end up in your mailbox very soon. plus, nato ups the ante in libya. ♪ [ male announcer ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call
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interest groups and trade associations are always looking for new ways to reach lawmakers.
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take a look at this brochure that the consumer electronics administration is sending to capitol hill. check it out. that's small video screen. inside the brochure you're seeing there are five buttons with speeches from the cea president, gary shapiro and an ad innovating in america. it's a tool catching the attention of some political operatives. are we going to see these showing up maybe in iowa, new hampshire? let's ask scott harris. he's always been sort of a cutting edge guy. you've worked for some of these candidates, some with money. we've seen this video screen. it makes sense that a jpmorgan would hand this to clients. this is the company. the same company produced all of these things, but this one felt like a piece for the very first time and it was the first time i'd seen it in politics. you know, we've seen these things. you can put the postage here.
9:25 am
how likely could we soo see this? >> i think it's very likely you're going to see it at some point. unlikely you're going to see it this cycle and treason is money. these cost about $30 apiece. >> an economy, maybe $10. the average piece of direct mail is going to cost 12 cents to print for in terms of production. but i could definitely see maybe in the 2014 or 2016 cycle as some costs go down, this is a great way to deliver original content in video in a way that people are going to find interesting and compelling. the danger with any new technology like this in politics, the danger is when the
9:26 am
technology starts to eclipse the message. people just started throwing things on the internet because they thought it was cool with no regard to the actual message. so, this will never trump message. take iowa for example. attract about 80,000 republicans. maybe up to 100 this time. if you got it down to ten bucks, could you make a case that because they're motivated voters already and you almost need to have a little bit of a sophisticated message, the 30-second ad, you're wasting money targeting people that aren't going to participate. here, you have a list. you know exactly those pool of 150,000 people of which 80 will show up. could you make a case it's more cost effective to spend say $2 million a round on this, five
9:27 am
rounds of these, versus $10 million in tv ads. >> i'm not sure it's an apples to apples comparison. i would still strongly recommend for the money it would cost to print one of these, i'm not even saying put it on tv. i would say put it into your brown game, the most important thing in the iowa caucus and in new hampshire as well is that one-on-one interpersonal communication. build your grass roots network because that is going to be far more effective than something like this. >> i remember 1992, some guy was running for congress in california and he had this innovative idea of mailing a videotape to every person in the district. michael huffing. he had an unlimited amount of money. probably the first time we see it it will be from a with an unlimited amount of money.
9:28 am
there aren't many campaigns that are going to be able to afford to do something like this. >> todd harris, former mccain strategist and somebody -- mess around with technology every now and then. thanks for coming on. oh to be a fly on the wall when the president meets with benjamin netanyahu today. the process went over like a ton of bricks with the prime minister. the latest on the fallout from the president's public political gamble, but first, today's trivia question -- we know it's not herb cole. i'll give you that hint. the answer and more coming up on "the daily rundown." a lot of times, things are right underneath our feet, and all we need to do is change the way we're thinking about them. a couple decades ago, we didn't even realize just how much natural gas was trapped in rocks thousands of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock
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quick look at what's driving the day. benjamin netanyahu heads to the white house today for discussions on the mideast peace process with president obama. we'll see. we're going to talk more about that in that meeting in a few minutes. former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn will be released from jail today on a million dollars bail. he will be placed under house arrest on the upper east side of new york city. and the opening bell has rung on wall street where investors are bracing for another day of chopping trading. shares of linkedin soared 109%. few of the stories making headlines, the taliban is claiming responsibility for a car bombing in pakistan that targeted a u.s. embassy convoy. two americans suffered minor injuries and one pakistani passer-by was killed in the explosion. the first attack on westerners since the raid that killed osama bin laden. nato warplanes attacked eight libyan ships overnight.
9:33 am
if first time the alliance has specifically targeted libyan ships. nato says gadhafi's forces were used to set mines in the misrata harbor. the libyan government is offering to withdraw from cities if nato stops its air campaign. in syria, government forces are firing on protesters. at least one was reportly kill ed by forces. the army corp. of engineer is warning that the crest of the mississippi river in vicksburg does not mean the end of the flood. the river is expected to remain at its crest for days and could remain above flood until mid june. president obama is drawing a line when it comes to the middle east peace process. he's pressing for a two-state solution. maybe a tough sell when he meets with israel's prime minister at the white house today. jeffrey goldberg is a national
9:34 am
correspondent for the atlantic monthly and has written extensively about the middle east. i'm a little bit confused. the news yesterday was the president said something publicly that four straight administrations have been for. explain. >> what he said was that the basis of negotiation should be the 67 lines, the lines before the six-day war, with land swaps. meaning israel will get some of its settlement blocks probably and east jerusalem and palestinians will get some land probably in the desert attached to the west bank in gaza. this is not a new idea. this is what they were talk about at camp david in 2000. barack and arafat and bill clinton. presidents have said various formulations. >> bush. >> talked about israel basically being the shape of the 1949
9:35 am
armistice, which is the same thing as pre'67 israel. i understand politically why mitt romney or mike huckabee might want to launch into an attack on president obama for being antiisrael, but it's not grounded in the facts and by the way, all of this was encased in a speech that was very, very pro israel. there were many more challenges to the palestinians in this speech. >> let's start with hamas, which is the president said that hamas must renounce silence and recognize israel. that's something hamas has been on the front of its agenda for never. >> once hamas radically changes, they have a get out of negotiations card. president obama in this quote israel speech said you don't have to deal with those guys. i understand why you don't want to deal with those guys. hamas says we don't recognize
9:36 am
israel's right to exist. how do you negotiate with someone who doesn't recognize you're there. there are other aspects. president obama was very, very hard on iran, which is israel's main enemy. >> how did we get here? ten years ago, the consensus, american political opinion was sort of around this look, they got to sit down. all this stuff. how did we get here where suddenly, which is a very conservative view in inside of israel became the mainstream view on the basis for negotiations in the republican party of the united states? >> i don't know. when you cover this and i've been covering this for a little whi while? every day is ground hog day in a kind of way. if feels like we're treating this as a new conversation. it's an old conversation. i do know that the republicans, many republicans, are trying to turn israel into a partisan issue in congress and in broader american politics. israel, for 60 years, has been a
9:37 am
bipartisan issue. it's had support from both parties, republicans now are trying to use israel as a wedge to break off american jews from the democratic party and trying to show many, many millions of evangelicals, that democrat are against israel. >> quickly, you pretty critical of prime minister netanyahu, his comments about an american president were over the line. do you expect him to walk anything back today? when they're sitting next to each other? >> if he is clever, he will soften the language. what happened as he was getting on the plane to come to washington, he said, or the statement was issued, that he expected president obama to essentially walk back some of the things he said in the speech and you know, it's a little bit i think the arabic is huds.
9:38 am
it's a little bit much for an israeli prime minister to announce publicly. >> clarify? >> conversation about what you said and go over some of the points of agreement. just seemed a bit much. >> i wish we were talking more about syria. libya -- >> there's a whole middle east out there. >> but this conversation will come over come everything else. thank you, sir. see you later. >> trivia time. the answer is a guy who would rather go by another name. ben nelson. his favorite is the benator. but still, that thick mane has always been a distinguishing feature. i think john kerry would say, hey, what about my hair? up next, our political mine
9:39 am
mail. some of our favorite political reporters will be here to discuss everything from newt gingrich, sarah palin's on whether she has the fire in the belly and there is congress out there. the white house soup of the day. it's friday and it's after all the beating the president and white house took yesterday over the speech, chicken noodle. you're watching "the daily rundown." ♪ ♪
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membership rewards points from american express. they're a social currency with endless possibilities. web browsing on the new blackberry playbook? ♪lash! ah ahh... that's right, it runs flash. so unlike some tablets we could mention, you get the best of the internet, not just part of it. ♪ flash! ah ahh... ♪
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and the welcome distraction
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imploeding campaign, mitt romney -- with good hair, utah corrections. we are the margin offer rohrer, potential candidate. i understand that new hampshire loves margin of error. you run them through the system, usually you treat them with some respect and we are humbled to be standing here. >> thank you. ruth marcus is an editorial writer for the "washington post" and luke russert is nbc news capitol hill respondent. we starting with the huntsman bite. there he was in new hampshire.
9:44 am
also did sort of a debut national television today and talked about those nice things he has said about president obama. here was his response about that remarkable leader comment that he wrote about this morning on abc. >> i wrote that to him by way of thank you note. and thank you notes are a proud tradition for a lot of people and it's a good thing people don't go through george bush sr.'s notes. history will show how effective he is. >> i imagine the former ambassador of china was referring to president obama on the world stage. he seemed to be critical aboutic things, but your colleague, charlie cook, didn't give jon huntsman to be the -- just say media creation. >> jon huntsman has become more interesting because other more establishes republicans have decided not to make this race.
9:45 am
if john thune were in this race, he would have less chance. if mike pence were in, he would have less of a chance. he is rising by process of elimination. it's happening around him and so those who would have said, you're not a good enough republican, i'm a solid republican, i never worked for a democratic president, they're dropping away. so jon huntsman gets strengthened by decisions others are making. >> you wrote a column having to do with mitch daniels. it would be wonderful to get in, provide a good debate even though it would dispoint you because he could beat president obama. what are you seeing that says this guy could be the republican noom knee? >> for one thing, it's a vacuum, so the absence of other candidates who we thought would be in the race really sort of
9:46 am
ratchets up that force to suck mitch daniels into the race and there's reports about him having conversations with his donors and revving up his fund raising network. that puts some pressure on his family. i think that you see the likelihood of him running. when i wrote that column, i did not think he was going -- >> anything left to convince the family if we find out before memorial day, it may tell us he's not running. after, it tells us maybe gearing up. luke russert, a guy you cover a lot, paul ryan, became the center piece of the campaign this week. he's not running for president, but if you disagree with him, you're toast inside the republican party. it was stunning. how's paul ryan handling the fact? >> first, i thought that comment
9:47 am
from newt gingrich, and i love paul ryan. he was an intern going buddy to buddy with paul ryan. >> how did paul ryan take that? >> it's interesting now that you see this plan, medicare being referred to as ryan care. it has become a foremost issue in the election. >> attack against romney -- >> and nancy pelosi coming out yesterday and saying we're for medicare, the current existing system. can republicans make narrative the fact that the system needs to be reformed and won't be taken away. the first thing paul ryan says it affects you if you're younger than 55. that message hasn't sunk in yet. but just how aggressive if house republicans specifically, if you attack their plan, they are all in on this thing. the only ones who didn't vote against it in montana. >> they're all in. >> and it wasn't just house
9:48 am
republicans. it's rush limbaugh, charles krauthammer. the conservative opinion elite that said how dare you, newt gingrich, do this. >> there's a reason for this. it goes back to 1995. if you look at the republican proposals, yes, it was reducing the rate of growth. parn thetically anyone would take that deal now. secondarily, many of the components if not all were of the plan newt gingrich tried to engine engineer. so philosophical debate with paul ryan except whether it should be mandatory or voluntary. it didn't say that. came across as intellectual vanity, abused and wounded. and republicans had no tolerance for that. stick around. we're going to take a quick break because we've got to pay for all of the makeup that's put on major and i.
9:49 am
don't go anywhere. we're going to keep the panel right here and we'll talk about what this song has to do with newt gingrich. [ airplane engine whines ] [ grunts ] [ dog barking ] gah! [ children shouting ] [ grunts ] [ whacking piñata ] [ whacking piñata, grunting ] there's another way to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. tidy cats premium line of litters now works harder to help neutralize odors in multiple-cat homes. and our improved formula also helps eliminate dust. so it's easier than ever to keep your house
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smelling just the way you want it. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home.
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so did you figure out what that song meant for newt gingrich? it's his ring tone. in iowa, he was in waterloo, iowa, ruth marcus, i know you wonder, why "dancing queen" and not "water liloo." >> you want me to start singing? >> newt gingrich, there's an editorial in the "washington post" today where you're quoting one of the newt gingriches. he said everything on sunday apparently is not true, that that didn't happen, and anything he said -- >> no longer operative. >> no longer operative. it is not a factually true statement, but what is it you were making the argument on about -- editorial. >> our editorial argument was newt was right the first time.
9:53 am
he was right about two things. he was right that the individual mandate in some form is a good idea because you look back at the republican plans in the '90s, they all featured some form of individual mandate. and he didn't disavow that on sunday. he disavowed it monday. and the second thing is that he's right in the sense that the ryan plan may be too much too fast. and the way, and he learned this by the hard way, the way to move people along on medicare is to get them to buy in. and he talked about getting them to buy in voluntarily. well, you know, that's a reasonable approach. it's no longer, as we said, the newt approach. >> people forget, he does believe he's a political operative. luke, i want to check in on the debt ceiling negotiations which also the big debt, it's the biden gang, the real gang that's going to do something. fore guest the gang of six. we probably paid too much attention to it. it's basically biden
9:54 am
representing the white house view of things. where do things stand? >> they say now they've agreed about $200 billion in cuts. >> mostly ag subsidies. >> discretionary federal spending both sides come to agreement on. the problem is speaker boehner said in the speech at the new york economic club last week, they want trillions, not billio. so when the bar is set at trillions and most likely you're going to see a come prkocomproc we going to go down to the 11th hour, like shutting down the government, because a lot of folks on the right are upset that target number is not being reached. the other thing developing on capitol hill this week from the house republican side is there's not much of a sense of urgency in the rank and file members. a lot of them don't understand the gravity of the situation. that's been the critique from democrats and they're kind of saying, okay, what's so bad about this debt ceiling collapsing when we can go out there. it might make us honest a little bit has been the idea. that has some folks in the
9:55 am
republican leadership a little bit scared, as well as a lot of rank and file democrats. >> and the white house is very scared about that argument, taking some credibility. >> the fact that -- >> but what's the big deal, we'll always find some change. >> it's the first t.a.r.p. all over again. >> it's skepticism that is not brand-new. many of these freshman were skeptical about the whole debt limit question at large. they've also been skeptical as the date has moved. when the revenue comes in, we move the date. it's a green eye shade sort of maneuver. some house republicans say you're just jerking us around with this date. it's a reach/grasp question. same thing luke pointed out, you reach farther, you get what you can, you pull the administration as far as you can in your direction. >> he proved it on the ceiling. >> he proved more capable at that than the white house gave them credit for originally. the white house has internalized
9:56 am
that message, they're negotiating batesed on the same formula. he's reaching farther than he knows he is grasp. they're becoming more airwith a of each other's pressure points and realities. >> we've got to go. the presidential campaign trail of course adds added pressure to the republicans. >> and most likely democratic support to get across the finish line. >> thank you all. this sunday on nbc's "meet the press," congressman paul ryan. he's david gregory's exclusive guest. how will he respond, what will he tell us about all of the apologies he's been getting from former speaker newt gingrich. fascinating. tune in, and we'll be right back. i'm meteorologist bill karins with a look at your weekend forecast. on saturday, temperatures warming up. we're going to see 90s spreading into northern georgia. 70s and some 80s in the
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midatlantic. that's more like it. stormy weather in the middle of the country with showers and thunderstorms likely from chicago to st. louis to minneapolis. west coast looks pretty good this weekend. just scattered storms in the midatlantic sunday. and while that leaves a little room for balls and tees, it doesn't leave room for much else. there's no room left for deadlines or conference calls. not a single pocket to hold the stress of the day, or the to-do list of tomorrow. only 14 clubs pick up the right one and drive it right down the middle of pure michigan. your trip begins at
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bail granted. in just a few hours, dsk will likely be out of jail and moving into a luxury apartment. is he getting special treatment because he's rich? a bold call by president obama on a palestinia


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